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The adventure of Artigianato Pasella (Pasella Handicraft) begins on the 28th of May, 1972, when in Calangianus, a small village situated in the province of Olbia-Tempio, in a little workshop made from a room of the old family house, Domenico Pasella decided that the dream of creating typical products of Sardinian handicraft through corkwork had to begin.


Domenico works day and night untiringly, and from the first shop, which was a space under a staircase with improvised floor and shelves, in Abbiadori, a hamlet just a few steps from Porto Cervo, the business grows.Small shops are opened, first in Olbia, then in Cannigione, and then in all the main localities of the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda), thus bringing the typical Sardinian handicraft to the most renowned places of Sardinia. The sudden amount of work thanks to the higher demand of Pasella products makes the small workshop no longer adequate; therefore it was decided to move the entire production from the centre of Calangianus to its industrial estate. In the beginning of the 90s Artigianato Pasella starts the production of artistic pottery, partnering the expert master potter Pasqualino Pani with a group of young and brilliant ceramists.Therefore gorgeous ceramic creations, refined and elegant, are added to the typical handcrafted cork products.

the Vision

“Artigianato Pasella aspires to transform, through its passion, Sardinian handicraft objects into artworks with a traditional flavour which will bring with them the essence of a unique land.”

Handicrafting, by its own nature, is an activity that is tightly tied to a local area and to the traditions of its inhabitants. Its birth, in fact, has been an answer to practical needs, that means the need to create tools that would be able to improve everyday life.



Sardinian handicraft is the fruit of the different ethnic groups that have settled on the island and left an indelible mark on the traditions of its people. In its products, in fact, it is possible to detect points of contact with the Catalan, Spanish, Corsican and Arab cultures; these are characteristics that make Sardinian handicraft something unique in the world.


Cork forms the predominant part of the bark of trees, and in some of them it reaches a considerable thickness, such as in the cork oak, as the name goes. It is an evergreen plant, it grows mainly in the Mediterranean regions and particularly in Sardinia.

Few materials have such versatile and stable properties as those of the Sardinian cork. Artigianato Pasella takes advantage in the best possible way of the magic characteristics of cork, the prime material of its Calangianus, in order to create distinctive and absolutely unique works of art.


The history of Sardinian pottery has really ancient roots; in fact, the archeological museums of the island preserve beautiful examples of prehistoric, Nuragic and Roman pottery. But only from the beginning of the twentieth century, thanks to the first art schools and the intervention of skilled masters, Sardinian pottery has obtained its consecration not only on a national level but also becoming well-known all over the world.

Artigianato Pasella follows the traditions of the ancient Sardinian pottery art, making all its creations entirely by hand.



Artigianato Pasella has its presence in the main localities of North Sardinia with 15 retail outlets, all perfectly placed in the most picturesque areas of the villages where they are hosted; the Boutique Artigianato Pasella in Tempio Pausania, for example, is a little gem contained in twenty square metres, surrounded by the typical historic granite palaces of this gorgeous town of Gallura. Or the boutiques of Sardinia Ars in Palau, of Santa Teresa and San Teodoro, with more than a thousand square metres of exhibition area, they appear as the largest and most comprehensive showcases of artistic Sardinian handicraft. In spite of the noticeable differences, all the retail outlets of Artigianato Pasella maintain common characteristics which can be easily identified in the quality of products and in the courtesy and professionalism of the staff.

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